Ooh. It’s been a busy few months. I will update the projects soon including a feature with 200+ VFX shots.

Also lots more to come (hopefully) on the title design front.

speak soon!

'Lady Bird' becomes the best reviewed movie of all time. Some say down to VFX.

Yeah 'Lady Bird' has somehow manage to pull off breaking the Rotten Tomatoes record of having continuously the most 'Fresh' reviews, beating Toy Story 2. Amazing when it had such a relatively small release.

"A sure fire bet for at least one Oscar. Gerwig's debut is remarkably assured, though with the support of Entoptic's incredible visual effects work there's no wonder"

- Andrew Lim


Go see it. 


Adam Sandler's 'The Meyerowitz Stories' released next week

Released on Netflix, October 13th is the most 'Punch Drunk Love' performance of Adam Sandler's career since 'Blended'... no 'Punch Drunk Love'. I title this post with Adam Sandler's name as that's what gets the click(s) I've learnt off of the media.

Anyway, I am very proud to have been the VFX supervisor from production to post, my fourth time with Noah Baumbach and a pleasure as always. This time though it was Robbie Ryan behind the (16 mm) lens/camera/whatever and not Sam Levy, who was doing Greta's 'Lady Bird' - which oh funnily enough I supervised too.

My Days of Mercy

Before (and a little during) skipping off on vacation to the Pacific North West I had the pleasure of working with Tali Shalom-Ezer on the titles of her new movie 'My Days of Mercy', starring Ellen Page and Kate Mara. Some committed performances from Page and Mara and otherwise quite powerful.

I designed the main title as well as the captions and main on ends, the main title being particularly interesting as it was unexpected (for the director). Being drafted in as late as I was I'm pretty happy with the result.

Again, once I can I might post a little more detailed info on the process/work behind the title design.

In addition to the titles I also provided some VFX work for the project.

Lady Bird

I'm very happy to have recently finished supervising/producing VFX work on Greta Gerwig's debut feature 'Lady Bird'. The trailer was released in the last couple of weeks and recently premiered at Toronto Film Festival and has generally been very well received.

Soon I will be posting small breakdowns of some of the work which consisted mainly of comp work.

Anyway, you can find the trailer here